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I Like Riding Dirtbikes

Motocross is something my family is all about.
For as long as I can remember we’ve had dirtbikes.

I learned to ride early on with my father and brother. We started putting around on 50’s.
We kept at it and kept going till we were on big bikes.

It’s an awesome rush, jumping on a dirt bike and racing around a track or pinning it through a sand-wash out in the desert. It was a great sport and fueled some great adventures for the whole family. Something I enjoy sharing with my son who is obsessed with dirtbikes.

From Searchlight, Nevada to Ocotillo Wells

As a family we’d take trips all over but usually we would head out to the river, riding through the desert in the morning and then inner-tubing on the river in the afternoon when it got too hot to ride.

At Local Tracks in Southern California

If we weren’t out in the desert we were out at the track putting in laps, which was like every weekend. This instilled me with a pretty competitive drive.

Sometimes we would even be joined by our cousins who also rode.

The Simanovich’s, were our cousins from up north and they also loved racing dirtbikes. Together the families had some great trips and races.

And now that I have a son of my own to share this with I am super excited. It really is an awesome sport, a great family sport.