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The Family Clan

I come from a very close-knit family where I was blessed to have a great mother, father, and younger brother.

My parents worked hard and built a strong family. We had a great upbringing filled with tons of fun memories together. Everything from the small things like eating dinner together to river trips in the summer.

I’m a father now and it is my hope to provide the same for my son. He is my number one priority.

Spending time with him and being able to recreate those same traditions and memories.

I want to fill our time with as much quality time as possible.


Together, We Maximize Quality Time

During the week our schedules may be a bit busy between work, school and studies. When work lets out for the weekend are ready to fill our weekend full of adventure.

  • Learning to color, read, write, and count
  • Learning lacrosse
  • Kicking the soccer ball around and running around the park
  • Working on our doggie paddle
  • Building with Legos
  • Out with the boys riding dirtbikes
  • Adventuring through nature


Creating Traditions and Memories